Give a new look to your clothes. Send them to the painting place!
100% unique door or piece, you choose the model and I make it manually on clothing items like: vests, t-shirts, jackets or leather accessories.

One of my biggest passions is painting.
I invite you to my paintings gallery, here you can see paintings made by me, but also paintings that are available for sale

Frequent questions

  1. 1
    How much does a paint cost?

    The prices vary depending on the complexity of the model, the quantity of color and the size of the drawing. Information prices below.

  2. 2
    How do I order a painting on clothes?

    It is very simple! You must go to the “Send to Paint!” where you have to complete your delivery data and you can send a picture with a favorite model, if you have one.

  3. 3
    What materials can be painted?

    The colors used by me can be used on any textile material, but also on leather.
    Such as: a leather jacket, a wallet or a leather bag.

  4. 4
    Doesn't the paint deteriorate when washed?

    The products have been tested at high temperatures, but it is recommended to wash at 30 * C.

  5. 5
    How can I order a new painting?

    It is very simple! All you have to do is fill out the form on the “Commissions” page and then I will contact you to define your application.